AP & AR Automation: Welcome bluesheets to the Xero marketplace!

April 20, 2022

These days, having systems that work together isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. bluesheets set out to solve this with our proprietary machine-learning system that automates your bookkeeping, and have taken it a step further by partnering with Xero. As a Xero integrated partner, bluesheets now offers seamless integration of your financial data to your Xero ledger. Gone are the days of manually entering sales totals, double checking your invoices for accuracy, and filtering payables for duplicates – with bluesheets & Xero, enjoy automated bookkeeping with no compromises.

The highest degree of automation

Bluesheets system allows you to automate bookkeeping like never before. Our system produces 100% data accuracy in extraction, eliminating the need to manually enter and correct your entries. Then once your data is read, verified and digitized, bluesheets can apply your desired Xero settings to provide seamless integration and processing.

We are all too familiar with the various steps needed to process your accounts payable/receivable once uploaded to your accounting package… everything must be categorized, checked for accuracy and approved. With your Xero integration setup in bluesheets, you can apply rules to your various data streams to automatically apply the desired settings when the data is pushed to Xero. Truly setting your bookkeeping on auto-pilot, so all you need to do is hit ‘approve’.

Accounts payable

In many cases, suppliers are operating on different systems; combining offline and online for the ultimate consolidation headache. With your accounts payable (AP) automated, you can do away with cross-checking paper invoices, pdfs and statements of your supplier accounts.

With bluesheets, you can process any kind of AP document – online or offline – using the tools already implemented in your business. This could be as simple as forwarding emails, adding your bluesheets email as your account contact or snapping an image of physical documents to a WhatsApp or Slack chat.

What happens if they leave a physical invoice and email a second? Bluesheets automatically screens for duplicates, so you’ll never be caught out of pocket with a double payment. On the flip side, you’ll have all your payables data including due dates fed automatically to Xero. With no reason to miss a deadline, your vendors will love you.

Accounts receivable

Now more than ever, businesses are moving their operations online. For your accounting that means incoming sales data from a number of sources. With bluesheets input agnostic system, you can have sales reports sent from any type and number of platforms, and see your sales update in real time in your Xero ledger. Whether that’s an online marketplace, a proprietary backend, or a POS pdf summary — or a combination of all — you can rest easy knowing bluesheets will connect this data to your Xero ledger and you can see your books in real time.

With our line item level of data extraction, you can also enjoy a deeper look at your sales data. Stored securely in the cloud, your bluesheets archive is always available to you to deep dive into the numbers at any time.

Expenses & payroll

Experts say that it’s more important than ever to take care of your people, and focus on team engagement. A great way to do this is with seamless back of house admin, so you can focus less on bookkeeping and more on the things that matter.

We all know the tedious process of expense submissions and approvals… if you think this pesky process is prime for digital transformation? Then we couldn’t agree more.

Whether you’re the one spending and uploading, or reconciling expenses for your team, you’ll love bluesheets expense automation with Xero.

Simply snap, send or upload your expense to bluesheets and our machine learning system will automatically 1) read the line item data, 2) verify and check for accuracy, 3) push to an approval report and 4) publish in the Xero ledger with all your settings.

Already using an expense tool? We can connect with your existing systems to feed that data in real time, keeping your expenses up to date in Xero.

Payroll systems can also be connected directly to bluesheets to allow the smooth flow of data to your Xero ledger, whether you’re using an online or offline system. Simply add bluesheets to your account to receive updates automatically or upload a report and we’ll handle the rest. With peace of mind that every dollar is accounted for, you can get back to engaging with the people around you.

Want to learn more about how bluesheets + Xero can streamline and automate your bookkeeping with machine learning systems? Sign up today for free!