It’s Time to Put Your Trust in AI

It’s Time to Put Your Trust in AI

April 20, 2022

Your finances are a part of your life you want to keep secure. This means hiring financial advisors that understand you and keeping passwords to your accounts heavily secured. However, smart financial planning doesn’t have to come at the cost of your time. Digitizing your finances with artificial intelligence (AI) can save you time while keeping your finances safe. 

Combatting the Fear of AI with Smart Programs

You want to keep your finances safe. After all, you’ve earned it and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Switching to an AI business solution can be nerve-wrecking at first. There may be a voice in the back of your head saying - “what if something goes wrong?”, “what about the risks?”, “will I be protected?”…

Well, easy set up, integration platforms can keep those worries at bay. Platforms like Bluesheets place security and safety at the utmost priority. This means safeguarding data with digital archives, security, and encryption software. We use AES-256 GCM encryption software that is served over secure connections. Safety measures are put in place to protect our clients and keep everything transparent. That way, you can focus on the work that truly matters. 

At Bluesheets, we have operators watching our systems 24/7, so any malware is detected quickly and swiftly resolved. We stop the problems before they happen. The place where we’re at is great, but the future is expansive, which means we expect our technology to expand with it. We keep up-to-date with our technological changes and make sure that we have a platform that suits all of our client’s needs. 

We’re transparent with our system, taking the guesswork out for you. You ultimately have full and better control of your company’s finances. To add, if you’ve paid attention to trends recently, we’re not alone in bringing AI to the forefront of our financial services. According to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit adoption study, “54% of Financial Services organizations with 5,000+ employees have adopted AI, according to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit adoption study.”

The world is changing to accept AI into our financial planning systems, and many benefits come with it. 

The Benefits of AI Finance Planning

  1. It Saves Time- Data entry is tedious and distracts from the innovative work you can be doing. With AI financial planning, you no longer have to engage in manual data entry. Simply set up your system one time, and automate forever. 
  2. Make Smarter Decisions- Let’s face it, we’re all human and we can’t predict the future. However, with AI planning, algorithms can automate and update you and your team in real time, so that you stay ahead of any organizational errors that could come your way. With a clear picture of your finances, you can make smarter business decisions. 
  3. Organize Better- Organization can get out of hand when manual invoices, pay slips, expenses, and more are cluttering your view. Bluesheets digitizes all of this information, that way, you can focus on what really matters to your company. 
  4. Your Favorite Tools are in One Place- You don’t have to let go of your tried-and-true financial tools with Bluesheets. You can easily connect data on your favorite accounting tools, like Xero and QuickBooks to Bluesheets. Input the data once and Bluesheets will remember it for the future. 
  5. Setup is Easy- One of the troubles with manual financial planning is the tediousness of it all. With Bluesheets, setting up your finances is simple. You probably have a good basis of financial knowledge, but you really don’t need any financial expertise to swiftly set up Bluesheets. The process is simple and straightforward. Our digital user experience is incomparable and makes the transition to digital financial planning an easy switch. 

Digitize Today!

Switching to Bluesheets is a seamless process. Start saving time and making smarter decisions today with our AI financial planning tools. The time to digitize is now and Bluesheets makes that process safe and secure.