Working Through The Delta Variant? Integrating Technology Helps a Lot

SME's have been shown to be the most impacted businesses when COVID-19 hit in 2020, specifically those in the hospitality and food industry - a study conducted by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) showed over 60% of businesses surveyed reported more than 50% of a decline in revenue. While cases rise and fall all over the globe, we’ve gathered a few key pointers that can help SMEs navigate these few more months of uncertainty.


Document Automation: Do I need to worry about Data Security?

Every now and then we hear about a major data breach at a large company, whether that’s at T-Mobile, Microsoft, or Solarwinds. These events can often leave us feeling that something like this could only occur to Fortune 500 companies, however research shows that this is not the case. According to a report by SCORE, a non-profit organisation that supports small businesses, 43% of cyber attacks were conducted against small to medium firms. We've listed some things for SME's to consider in regards to the importance of data protection.


FinTech Predictions After The Pandemic: Automation & Data Integration

The FinTech industry has certainly continued to grow despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Its resilience owes to the ever-growing demand for financial products that exploded when most people decided to switch from traditional models to digital models. Now that business owners have been exposed to the importance of automated bookkeeping models, what can we expect to see from the flourishing FinTech industry? Take a look at what we've found.


AI in Accounting and Finance: It's Time to Put Your Trust in AI

Keeping your finances safe, while remaining organized and on top of it all can be a challenging task; with the help of AI and secure systems, ones problems can disappear. But how do we know we can trust a technological tool to take care of our needs? In this article, we delve deeper into the benefits of AI and take a look at how machines can help relieve our ever growing pains.


The History of Finance Automation

Technological advances like artificial intelligence and robot process automation have most definitely made its mark in the world now, however, very few actually know how it came about. Take a closer look at this article to learn more about the technology that has changed so much, in such a short amount of time.