Achieve Significant Cost Savings and more with bluesheets' Smart Inbox Solution

Built to provide an accessible and versatile solution to fragmented processes across businesses, bluesheets’ AI-powered Smart Inbox solution consolidates, streamlines and automates workflows for accountants, finance professionals and operations teams from end to end.


End-to-end automation on the go.
Introducing the bluesheets mobile app.

The new mobile app embodies a culmination of cutting-edge digitization technology, intuitive communication, and AI-enhanced productivity, giving users access to bluesheets’ proprietary end-to-end workflow automation technology in the palm of their hand, wherever, whenever.


F&B Multinational Reduces 90% of
Manual Data Entry with bluesheets

Using bluesheets, Guzman y Gomez has reduced up to 90 percent of manual data entry, saved more than 30 days per year on average worth of document processing time, and achieved 100 percent transparency in their financial and resource allocation workflows.


Why Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is Essential in Today's Global Economy

With the rising prominence of Asia’s financial markets and presence in international trade, as well as the growing digital divide around the world, technology like Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) will be extremely essential in enabling businesses to reconcile both systems and language variances that may hinder growth.


Implementing Automation in the Workplace

The adoption and implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) infrastructure is currently widely accepted by corporate leaders and employees alike as an essential step for organizations to keep pace and stay relevant. However in practice, such upgrading projects are still often met with varying degrees of inertia, resistance and pushback stemming from a range of different concerns.


Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in 2023

Whilst last year found most companies recovering from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2023 finds businesses coming out of survival mode, and looking onwards for strategic opportunities to achieve futureproof growth. To help you stay ahead of the curve in this digitally-saturated economy, here are our top five digital transformation trends to keep your sights on in the year ahead.


Achieve End-to-end Accounts Payable (AP) Automation with bluesheets

Most companies still rely on paperwork-heavy practices to manage short term liabilities under the AP umbrella. Such antiquated practices are not only time and labor intensive, they also set the premise for instances of human error and internal fraud. Hence, the adoption of AP Automation is a necessary step towards optimizing operational effectiveness and efficiency.


How can Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Improve Customer Satisfaction

In a competitive market, it is crucial that businesses aim to continuously improve their allocation of resources, leveraging their employees’ expertise to deliver simultaneously efficient yet personalized customer experiences.


Growth vs Scale in APAC for Financial and Insurance Service Firms in 2022

Insurance companies, financial services and accounting firms alike can experience growth, but not all will have the ability to scale. What’s the difference? Growth is defined by increasing in size  such as with revenue and resources.


Global Insurance Powerhouse Achieves 18% Cost Savings within 30 Days

With bluesheets' Smart Inbox technology, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (MSIG) reduced costs, improved staff morale, shortened claims processing time 60%, and increased fraud protection - all within the first month of deployment.


Accounting Firm Saved 90% of their Time by Automating Manual Tasks with bluesheets

By setting up an automated workflow for processing financial data with bluesheets, CAP Advisory provides the best experience to their clients through thoughtful, analytical accounting consultation.